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"Let there arise out of you an umma (nation, group) of people, inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong.  They are the ones to attain success." (Qur'an 3:103)

The Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood and the School of Islamic and Arabic Studies was founded in 1964. Incorporated in 1967, The M.I.B.is the lineal descendant of the Muslim Mosque Inc. started by the late El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) , in 1964, after his departure from the organization known as the Nation of Islam. The founders of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood had been members of the M.M.I.

The formation of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood was very necessary and timely. It had become obvious that the then existing Sunni Muslim communities lacked knowledge and discipline, and were thereby exposed to manipulation and apparent use as a political arm. This unfortunate situation was rapidly resulting in confusion, and un-Islamic teachings within the Sunni Muslim communities, and the alienation of many people, who wanted a true understanding of Islam.

"As Muslim Americans of African descent, we believe in the principle of self-determination and strive for its actualization as a community of believers. Therefore our expressed purpose is to give a true presentation of Sunni Islam to American society. We intend to vigorously utilize our energies, as well as our facilities, to teach and spread this eternal message of all of the Prophets. And it is our hope and prayer that the American of African descent (Kushite) will be in the forefront of those, who accept this gift of (Almighty God)  Allah.

It is also our expressed purpose to create an indigenous Islamic intelligentsia, thereby reserving the right to look to ourselves for Islamic scholarship and leadership, because it is our belief, that by the sincere expression of the words Allahu Akbar (Allah is Supreme), an individual must look within him or herself, and from that place find the answer to their prayers."

"Allah is our goal
The Prophet Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah is our leader
The Qu’ran is our constitution
Jihad is our way
And death in the way of Allah is our promised end."


Daniel Pipes, a well-known Islamophobe and disinformation agent, has been quick to point out that the above M.I.B. motto is identical to that of the Muslim Brotherhood. (Ikhwaanul-Muslimeen). That is true. Now we will tell you what Pipes knows and did not and will not say:

1- We do not nor have we ever had any affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood or any other Muslim organization or nation abroad. We are not, nor have we ever been formally affiliated with U.S. based organizations linked ideologically or otherwise with the Ikhwanul-Muslimin.

2- The principles stated in the above motto are not exclusive in belief to any Muslim organization or group, but are indicative of general principles and beliefs that are not even exclusively “radical” or “militant”, as we will now demonstrate, below:

“Allah is our goal”: Qur’anic verses read “Surely we come from Allah and to Him we will return” ( Q 2:156 ), and “…That to thy Lord is the final Goal”. (Q 53:42) Muslims, like others of the Abrahamic faith traditions, believe that the Almighty (Who we call Allah) created us and all other human beings, and that on the Day of Resurrection we will return unto Him for divine judgment.

“Prophet Muhammad ibn 'Abdullah is our leader”: As it is stated in the Qur’an, “You have indeed in the Messenger of Allah an excellent exemplar for him who hopes in Allah and the Last Day,and who remember Allah much.” ( Q 33:21 ), and “Say (O Muhammad), 'If you love Allah then follow me. Allah will love you and forgicve your sins..." (Q 3:31) Muslims believe that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the leader (Imam) of all the prophets and messengers who preceeded him, and of the believers.


The Qur'an is our constitution": The holy book of the Muslims is not only a book of faith, but a book of divine law. Muslims believe that it is the very Word of the Almighty, and it is the prime source of our system of jurisprudence.Muslims know that the word jihad (from the Arabic verb jahada, meaning to strive, to struggle, to exert oneself) means to struggle, to fight, etc. Jihad is by nature both non-violent (as in spiritual jihad ( The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said “The most excellent jihad ) or verbal jihad (described by the Prophet, peace be upon him, as “speaking truth in the face of tyranny). It also means armed struggle in defense of “”. This is a well-known, classic definition of jihad. Which do we mean? All of the above. Neo-Cons state that they only know of “one definition” of Jihad. Such an admission indicates their ignorance (i.e.  lack of knowledge).


“Jihad is our way” :

“And death in the Way of Allah is our promised end.” Again it is stated in the Qur’an, “ O you who believe! Fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of Islam (submission to the Will of Almighty God, Q 3:102)”. This is the desire of the Muslim, to die in righteousness and obedience to the Creator in His Way, rather than un-righteousness and disobedience, which is the Way of Shaitaan (Satan). Again, this is the desire of all of the Abrahamic tradition.


The words of an old African American spiritual read “I want to be ready, ready to put on my long white robe…Lord, I want to be ready to put on my long white robe... I would not be a sinner, I tell you the reason why, ‘cause if my Lord were to call on me, I wouldn’t be ready to die…” This is an example of dying "in the Way of Allah". It is the sentiment conveyed by the Muslim Brotherhood’s declaration, as understood and interpreted by the Muslim African Americans of the Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood Inc.


We have minds of our own, and our more than 40 year history is a testimony to that.